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By properly understanding your brand, by learning about your organisation - its people, customers and market environment - we can help you answer these questions.
Our years of experience and understanding of the possibilities of online media will help you understand the opportunities a web site represents and the range of options available to you. You will be able to see clearly where your site sits within your wider strategy, and to establish meaningful goals and objectives for the site.

  • Design Ideas

    Great designs starts with a bright idea.
  • Success

    Let us build on it for you
  • Web Hosting

    Host your website on our servers with a 99.8% uptime rate; who needs to worry?
  • Get Noticed

    Reach your customers/clients through some of the most popular mediums out there.
  • IT Support

    Let us solve all your IT Issues.

Welcome to 876
Live the Dream, Share the Vision, Love the Experience

The word Synergy is derived from the Greek word sunergia or sunergein which means ‘to work together’. Our dynamic team will ensure that your expectations and needs are adequately met. We’ll work assiduously to provide the support you need, accepting your suggestions and recommendations to guarantee your continuous gratification and support.

Web Designs

This innovation can be used to add interactivity to your company, by providing a platform for your customers/clients to access, share and even learn more about you. With the evolution of technology it is now possible to create one website that is friendly across all platforms (mobile, tablet, computer).

Software Developments

This is still at the forefront of technology and with it comes many advantages. Unlike website, a software does not need the continuous internet connectivity and has more processing power. When it comes on to large data processing and calculation; a desktop software is you better pick.

Graphic Designs

When planning a baby shower or a stadium concert; having a great representation of what to expect is still the biggest seller. People respond mostly to what’s visual and that which appeals to them. Having a great idea goes hand in hand with a great design and a great design yield profits.

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876 is the Jamaican area code
Success is the achievement of something planned or attempted. Everyone hopes to achieve some level of success, we’re no different. We want to be successful ─ not selfishly; successful in helping you to become a success.
You, we’re here to satisfy and serve you by providing all the technological assistance you need.
Niche markets are ones that focuses on specific products features aimed at satisfying specific market needs. Here at 876 Synergy, we’ll provide the mechanism to suit our target market’s “particular” individual needs and personality.
Effectiveness and efficiency are vital to the successful completion of any task. Hence, we provide effective, efficient and efficacious methods of completing your task.
Riveting web publishing, maintenance, design, development and hosting. We also facilitate blogging, poetry and short stories, advertisement slots and much more!
Graphical potential isn’t readily seen unless one is given the opportunity to display this potential. We employ various techniques in our graphic designs, which include photography, typography, visual arts which comprise symbols and combined words which can be readily personalized to the satisfaction of the user.
Yes you can! Yes we can!

Our Full Services

    • Maintenance & Support
    • SEO Marketing
    • Web Designs
      • Static HTML
      • Dynamic Designs(PHP, ASP, ASPX)
    • Web Hosting(PHP, JSP, .NET)
    • Design
    • Maintenance & Support
    • Upgrading
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  • Listing Soon


  • I have contracted the Website Development services of 876 Synergy, experts in Website development, Graphic Design and Online Marketing, and have found the company’s service to be phenomenal and guaranteed to please!

    My website,, has been described as one of the best HR websites and yes, you guessed right! It was designed by 876 Synergy.

    If you want a provider who can capture the spirit and feel of the website that you dream of for your product or service, then you must give them a call. They know how to convert your dream into your reality!!!

    Cheryl Campbell
    Cheryl CampbellHR Outsourcing Solutions
  • NuBe Systems is an Authorized Google Reseller and  software development company that specializes in the development of cloud-based and mobile software for the healthcare and hospitality industries. The co-founders of Nube Systems are Jamaicans.

    When NuBe Systems decided to relaunch our website we made  a deliberate attempt to use a Jamaican design company. We selected 876 Synergy, a design company out of Montego Bay. We were impressed not only with the results, but also with the level of professionalism that was displayed by their design team.

    The finished website is impressive and we have been getting rave reviews from site visitors. Our previous site was done by a company in Florida and I must say that we feel justified in making the patriotic decision in going with a Jamaican company. 876 Synergy is on par with most of the US based design companies and I recommend their services with confidence.

    Keith RobinsonNuBe Systems
  • 876 has played a massive role in the expansion of my online presence with the use of social networking and the growth of community participation. Their attention to detail and design initiatives are excellent.

    While a small company, their dedication to their clients is not something that I have come across in my 7 years of online activity, which is the primary reason that I continue to work with them to this day.

    Othneil Johnson
    Othneil JohnsonLocal DJ
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